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Depending on how bad you want it you could t

Depending on how bad you want it you could try sunshine and if it passes the checks you can unlock (root it ). But if the device is completely stock it prob won't work. The only people who have had luck on 4.4.4 had only partially updated by flashing certain parts of the 4.4.4 update. 

Custom ROM on iNew v3 plus , the new inew smartphones octa-core 2gb ram get from ...  I wouldn't know since I don't have the inew v3 plus 2014, but I believe using Google Voice will be more power efficient as it uses the work is offloaded to the dedicated core in the smartphone market 2014. Furthermore .. 


The inew v3 plus $169.99. You can't go wrong and its better than the Oneplus one or Xiaomi mi4 ?  in terms of user experience. Its likely you will not use it purely for the phone as it gives you better productivity... in a digital world so to speak. Very good phone and in my opinion not as basic as some folks make it sound.   is for emerging markets. Quite capable for its pricepoint, it's changing the face of mobile in its market. It is also a fully capable Android phone; just nerfed compared to its older sibs.


Pre ordered my black leather and love it still. It looked perfect until my wife carried it in her purse for a day. Now it is scuffed up, but the scuffs have smoothed out after being back with me. I think it added character. Never any tearing or peeling. I would still choose the leather if I could do it over. the inew v3 plus got the update fast. its only an US thing. outside the US We're still at 4.4.4. Thats because there are so much different models of one phone they need to support, while appe has only one model per phone all around the world.... 


Have no idea what happened. However, after rebooting from Safe mode back to 'normal mode' (with all 3rd party apps), the parse error stopped popping up. Thanks both of you who tried to help. It seems that rebooting multiple times solves everything.


 for the information. It is truly helpful. For now, i have reset the Data limit to little more than it was. as now i m using 3g mobile net services. If it appears that weighs no update but officially the ROM for the device and use it in India and whether arrive iNew and said what I have to use 4.4.4 e kitkat I had many Android devices and let me tell you this team bike G is excellent at all really tremendous team