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custom Roms smartphones

Also lets not forget you can get rid of bloatware the cell providers put on. But I'm with you there is not much reason to root for custom Roms the Xiaomi MIUI V5 is awesome the way it is.  The primary reason I always rooted my phones was to access wireless tethering without paying for the service. (I'm one of those grandfathered VZW unlimited data guys) Eventually I started applying custom ROMs as well in order to get features that were unavailable on whatever phone I was currently rocking. Although the X is basically perfect, I would very likely root it for that free tethering ability... Fortunately, work now pays for that on my company  iPhone.

All that being said, warranty is only voided if you can't get the phone back to it's locked stock state... Which is rather easy in most cases. But!... To cover my ass completely, I have a warranty that allows me to replace any damaged or lost phone for like $80. So if I ever managed to brick it (never happened) I could just blow the damn thing up and claim I lost it. On a related note, if you pay close attention and time it right, cashing in on that warranty is one way to get a newer generation smartphones Chinese  for $150-$250

It's a hard game, but somebody's got to play it First reason I wanted to was I really wanted to add an option to the trusted devices to trust my home WiFi.

Next, was for Tasker, to turn off/on Cellular at home. I get terrible signal at home and now, with hangouts dialer I don't need the cellular to get a call.

GDM and removing the navBar. It would gain me an extra 3/8ths of an inch at the bottom of the screen and allow me to use some gesture controls.

There was a thing or two more. What I never wanted was to remove the stock ROM. The Huawei is rock solid, fast and smooth. Many Phones (cough...Samsung...cough.), the first thing I want to do is remove the stock ROM.

Honestly though, Xiaomi mi3 mi 4 would still likely warranty the phone if the plastic on the sides began to crack, as some did, or the felt thing started slipping. They understand that hardware issues aren't due to Bootloader unlocks.

If you brick it, while doing something with the software though.. that is on you. I'm on AT&T getting an equally high reading. A buddy on T-Mobile is watching his, and so far his results have been more normal. Hmm. I'm convinced it's higher than it's been on my previous phones. I think Xiaomi has a lot of tweaking to do on that radio.

Accident Protection includes accidental damage and extended mechanical coverage for two years, up to 3 claims with a low $27.99 xiaomi mi band deductible per claim, a just-like-new phone if yours gets damaged, and customer support right from your phone.  purchase from the My Stuff section of your account options.

 Maybe a note or phone with a huge battery can get this on a good day but I'd say it's average to expect your Xiaomi redmi note to get anywhere from 2-3 hours SOT. that's with auto brightness, battery saving mode, and apps like Facebook and Facebook messenger installed as well as a lot of apps running in the background constantly. Its a good phone and people seem to be upset with what's realistic. Having your screen on for over 2 hours in a days use is a lot. That means you spent two hours staring at a 4.7 inch screen doing a whole lot of nothing. So tl;dr you should be happy with any SET of 2-3 hours. 

I agree with Ty that given the specs on the 1st gen, I'm happy with 2-3 hours SOT.  Remembering that one of the benefits of Active Display is that you don't need so much SOT to check status etc.  

since I've enabled Smartphones voice it's been varying over 0.8-1%/hr stand by drain. I'm just not sure yet on stand by. Otherwise. Regular use has been getting me through the day. I've yet to plug it in half way on my busiest days. Which tends to be a college with weak signal and work later on. Gonna have that same day tomorrow. So let's see if Monday results are repeatable or better.

they are using different shades of wood depending on what front color you choose. I was all about having the black front with a light colored bamboo back, but now I am not as sure seeing that the bamboo is darker.  a couple of weeks ago went through the exact same process.  There did seem to be some sort of disconnect b/w status and DHL.

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