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OPO ROOT to Android 4.4.4

After phones the update it was handed of to T-Mobile for them to tweak, so we don't know yet what's broken in this update. Plus I already made the jump to KitKat and so far the phone is running like, Google services and KitKat don't get along. I went from great battery life to dead in a few hours. Stamina doesn't work properly either... Few other bugs as well. 

Its known problem with z series and KitKat for the last 8 months and its Oneplus's fault. Its the new Google services,  believe Google push out a silent update to Google services to correct it cause Oneplus one on proved it to Google that services was killing their battery.  

Well your issue seems to be with an app running rouge in the background not necessarily one particular phone. If you're on wifi and something is downloading over night, you have something running in the background. They just don't use all that data by itself. I'd check what apps are running and using all your data.

What has 4.4.4 got over 4.4.3? (Genuine question) Surely we received the things like video pause. That everyone else missed stuck on 4.4.2? detailed explanation. Good to see that OPO is making sure that all their carrier locked phones are getting the updated. 

From spain. We will try to drive the phone there and see if they can fix it. RSD lite doesn't need root? download firmware for your moto x model at sbf droid(using google). But If you restore phone using RSD lite, maybe your phone storage data will deleted. If Im have mistake. you'd have to put a recurring meeting on his calendar.

Try a soft reboot. If that doesn't fix it, then let it run down, power down/shutdown, then recharge it while it's OFF. Good luck.


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