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LOVE the 1+ Phones

LOVE the 1+ Phones, and I'm proselytizing to my many iPhone friends, too!  I'm getting two for my sisters this week (probably tonight) and when the contract ends, for my wife in December.

I think more people just need to try it. The get a good price china smartphones ( oneplus, xiaomi, huawei )  has features that instantly make you latch on and wonder how you ever did without and make you fear upgrading to something else without. Too many tech geeks dismissed it based on specs alone last year and it doesn't make a lick of difference. Performance, as we all know, is top quality on this device, dual core or not. We've seen speedy updates both to the system and individual system level apps pushed out to the store, a superb idea now mimicked by oppo. oneplus has done a LOT of stuff right and I feel delighted to have been on board from the get go. 

And in trigger it turns the profile on when you tap a nfc chip that you programmed. I think you can actually do more with tasker because you can say "when I plug my headphones open play music" it depends on what you mainly use it for. I have both and they work really well. 

I do feel the advertising was abysmal for the phone. Concentrated too much on pretty colors and not what the phone could do. The lazy phone adds were a little better but I feel overall they failed to capture the overall feature set of the device.  does anyone think xiaomi would announce the mi 4 and mi3s at the same time .

my favorite but simple profiles opens your music app when you plug in your headphones. You can also use it to save battery (turn of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) when your battery reaches a certain level, etc. You can do a lot with tasker and the possibilities are endless, it takes a while to learn how to use it though.

A lot of users do enjoy just root and xposed. And find no need for Roms. Personally I would not use exposed myself. Before you do anything, learn how to return your device to stock with rsd or via fastboot. This will save you lots of problems when you have something go wrong. Also once you have twrp make sure to make a nano back up also in case something goes wrong you have a fail safe to restore.

Using tool for a long time but wanted to change it up. cryten looks like it'll do nicely, Some updates are better skipped. Should be obvious that 4.4.3 was out for about a minute and then everyone is talking up 4.4.4. Although 4.4.4 is out and everyone is already talking about L so who knows maybe stick with 4.4.2 until the dust settle, whole idea behind oneplus being pitched as a Google owned subsidiary was the they could get access to latest version of software updates 

Exclusivity out of the gate was perhaps the most monumental misstep. The maker didn't arrive to other US carriers for 3 months and then the phones didn't even launch around the world until earlier this year. They need to get the next edition out everywhere at once, have good advertising on television like apple and Samsung, and not have any carrier exclusives

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