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Update Android to My Smartphones

It only works on Android 4.2.2 android smartphone , if you already updated to 4.3 you're outta luck. If you're on anything lower than 4.2.2 it wont work either, updating to 4.3 is the only option. 

The T-Mobile variant got extremely lucky with towelroot and the firmware build at the time of its release. have rooted several times had to stock-ify with odin after bootlooping a few times have no issues with it. if not, we would say it was either a small carrier settings update or part of the update. Unless, you see a change in performance, I wouldn't worry too much.

Personally I wouldn't waste my time with roms. Most are bug ridden. Cm11 or carbon are the most stable but not based. That's why i always revert to stock or stock rooted.  i've had no problems either, actually when I first installed it I lost my mobile APN but just did it over and I can say I've had no issues, not based on carrier, this update will come through the Play Store.

Android 4.4.4 or the Android L build and i found out that you can unlock screen by gestures and that is cool but i use softpower to unlock screen and it seems to bypass the security gesture which seems like a hole in is there anything i can do to fix this or is it the problem of rom itself. 

So what ROM can update to 4.4.4, i have a note 2 and my wife have a Chinese smartphone the THL T11 ( base android 4.2 system, MTK processor 2GB RAM got it at ) or The CM11 support it ? 

Adding features that have been in aosp for some time now. Heads up is like hover from paranoid android, the new battery saver app is just a wakelock detector but built by Google, lock screen notifications have been in aosp based ROMs since 4.3 jellybean, if your s3 once you upgrade to 4.3, it's a pain to downgrade it. the easy way would be to flash back to a 4.3 ROM. when you do that, your EMEI will be given back, running on 4.3 Jellybean Vodafone version. Could somebody point me in the right direction, how to root it and what custom rom to use.





Android update new version 4.4.4

The latest week android have online android 4.4.4, Google is coming with the latest version of the Android OS. according to various online sources Google has given the name lollipop to its fresh the next version is Android 4.5 or 5.0. 

Pair this ROM with updated kernel note 2, first I thought maybe I was input it incorrectly, so I rechecked and even logged in/out on my PC just to make sure.  I wasn't blaming you or your post. I just mentioned it. I'm the idiot that reset my phone. i'm just stuck now and I'm asking the community if they have any advice. I'm sorry if you got that impression. That was not my intention.

Introduced in 4.3 in the permissive state and locked to enforcing in 4.4. While explaining about that will be quite long, so I recommend reading some articles on Linux to understand better.

Anyways, that notification is updating the Linux content to patch vulnerabilities which could lead to remote lockdown or hijack of the device, due to knox being a secure container and being controlled remotely. looking to try a new rom on my n2 n7105, looking for a 4.4 rom would love some note 3 features any recommendations

know I looked at the Note 3 several times but I think 5.5 is the limit for me. Its not the size of the phone itself, its the size of the screen. initially saw reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 receiving its Android 4.4.2 KitKat update towards the end of April. After a month and a half.

 still live my Note 2. I've re entry been playing with an iPhone 4s I've acquired and the size difference is crazy. I'm certainly not hurrying to upgrade yet. Considering the size of the possible note 4 will be relatively the same size as the note 3 just with better hardware specs.

 I definitely wait. Im holding out for it myself right now even though I use the note 3. I was going to get the S5 but im holding out. I came from the vibrant to the S2 and skipped S3 and note1 and 2 and skipped S4 and got Note 3 and now skipping S5 and waiting for Note 4. 

Yes definitely wait for Note 4 which should only be 3/4 months away. note 2 is still kicking ass not only bc it's rooted but bc the phone itself is beast and even when the Note 3 launched I didn't think it was a large enough update to consider dropping the money on it..

Also after Note 4 comes out you can buy used Note 3 for a less than a new Note 4. There are several other impressive handsets to consider as well. when available, the OnePlus 1 is especially nice features for modest off-contract price. go off contract and get a carrier-unlocked handset for max freedom to select wireless carriers.

Related to the 4.4 update, have a rooted Verizon Note 2 and have yet to receive a notification for its availability.  can I update while rooted (I think it is a no, but not sure)? If not, can someone provide a link or detail what I should do to return to stock?   no custom ROM. any help is appreciated. this should get you back to stock 4.3 and then you can update OTA from there.

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Chromebooks order reviews

Just checked my pro offer again, looks like the trial period is over. Love the idea of moving files between services, but I don't know that I would use it enough to justify paying for it at this point. I still use the free service though just to have all my drives in one place. 

From the Lenovo service manual, it appears that the internals of the Thinkpad 11e and the Yoga 11e are identical, with the exception being of course the double folding hinge and the touchscreen IPS LCD of the Yoga. But performance and build should be pretty much identical.

The word on the street was that the Yoga 11e would not be available until late July, so I just sent an email to a contact asking if that "In Stock" status is accurate.

A default feature, don't forget that Chrome OS is that, a glorified browser, that have the ability to work in an environment of a self controlled OS like program that you could download some features that can work offline, but is a browser. That's the good difference between windows.

Chrome is a computing solution for the person who is more interested in surf the web more than anything in the world, but in some moments do other things whit his computer. Chrome OS, cut the crap of turning on to much things that maybe you don't wan to use at that moment, making the browser experience faster. 

how awesomely minimalist that would look if only the app launcher was there? The Chrome icon is already in the app launcher.  think it's a great idea to 'branch out' from this Community to make others following the same rules. There's a really great atmosphere in here, unusually so, and I welcome more of the same, but differently

Youtube >> Video manager >> Live event >> New live event >> Use Quick type >> Create event >> click Screenshare >> start recording >> open a bunch of Google Apps / sites
Would like to see any performance lag with this specific route. 

US pricing is a racket at , with the noncompetitive technology market we have.But I've recently come to understand that US pricing seems low but really isn't for several reasons:

1) Shipping
2) Sales tax
3) Americans have a surprising amount of outgoing expenses: Federal Tax, State Tax, crazy health insurance system.

I have American friends who are astonished by how easy we have it 

Good suggestion I've long overlooked. When I had 10" netbooks with just 1024*600, I ran into similar issues with important buttons cut off by the low resolution of the screen, and in "panic mode" I never thought of that ....
Holding out for the Samsung galaxy notebook with the bandaid back and the touchwiz UI to utilize atleast 6GB of the available 2GB of RAM