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think 5.5" with 1080p resolution is perfect for mobile computing

I also think 5.5" with 1080p resolution is perfect for mobile computing. QHD is just strain on performance and battery life. Think it has no visual impact on normal eye. I wouldn't know the difference. promising phones when they couldn't, and still can't, deliver them. maybe the phone will be great for the price, but they have surely lost potential customers.

That's my point. Post after post after post about how great this phone is that no one can buy. People would be better off just buying a nexus 5 or an cubot one at 4.7 inch hd ips screen and flashing android 4.2 at this point. Have fun waiting for your one plus! I wrote about android 4.4 and was happy that it gave my Samsung Galaxy S4 a new life, but it had lots of problems with the camera and other little issues. In the market for a new smartphone.

With those additions, I agree with you.  OnePlus has reaffirmed their schedule of having the phone available in quantity in late June; for people who aren't in immediate need of a new phone, waiting for a month for a Chinese smartphone with these specs and these reviews at this price point seems reasonable.  If you need a phone sooner, by all means, go ahead and buy something else.

On the phone the software even though we got an update to address a lot of the bugs we had there are still a bunch of us experiencing bugs galore on final pre-production. availability, sustainability of the business model and of course how these phones are produced, always a bit when it sounds too good to be true.  I'm assuming that Google isn't gonna announce a soon to be released phone at their I/O conference in a few weeks either.

Looks like the Galaxy S3 didn't receive a lot of love with android 4.2 (nearly bought an iPhone out of frustration) ;) but good to hear that the Version on the Huawei honer works well Seriously they need to stop bullshitting and just let us buy the damn phone! Screw all these weird ass campaigns and contests and stuff. If we get to buy the phone and it's me we will let know about it and spread the word.

I think you better get to cookin..those shelfs look pretty damn bare and theres a gizzillion people wanting one..I'll take mine in the 16gb model.

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