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China MiPad VS PIPO Tablets

like to experience the phone first time Of course, who knows how I'll get one, because I'm not cool enough to have friends that will give me a discount %5 off give the sites $190.00.

Try downloading a third party camera app from play store in my new phones. If that works then u know its not a hardware issue and most likely a factory reset will resolve it, done that numerous times and every time it reboots and I try to open the camera app it just goes black, or either it'll let me take one pic, so i want get back to my old smartphones the s3 samsung. 

And this week just be happy that you have a tablet that's only a year old and try and save some cash, something newer and better is probably just around the corner anyway the Nexus 7 or the lenovo pad uses more battery while active, but is better at saving power when the screen is off.

The 2014 ver nexus model sleeps more soundly the Nexus 6 is coming soon. Release and the manufacter is against LG That's all i know. 

This week xiaomi have Release 7.9in MiPad, all spec same for iPad mini and the color same for iPhone 5c Xiaomi's first Android-powered tablet the information via @Hugo Barra 

- 7.9” IPS display

- 2048x1536 326 PPI

- NVIDIA Tegra K1

- 2GB RAM, 16/64GB Flash, extensible to 128GB via microSD card

- 8MP rear / 5MP front camera

- 802.11ac 2x2 Wi-Fi

- 6700 mAh battery 

This week have online in stock a PIPO T9 Tablet , this PIPO company first octa-core processor ( MTK 6592 with 3G phone tablets ) 2GB RAM 32GB Flash, 8.9in FHD Screen only $259, xiaomi mipad 7.9in is $275. 



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