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For $100-$150 there will be plenty of critics

For $100-$150 there will be plenty of critics but how do you complain about a smartphone in that price range will be less than $100 or less $150. Certainly not less than half the cost of a moto e and nextbuying blog post the under 100 smartphones think this will be a fine phone, running android 4 with 1GB RAM That's great.  

Looking at where the glass and plastic meet. There's a little lip but the glass is suppose to wrap around the sides so that may be why its so noticeable   thought the same thing at first but I've come to the conclusion it's just the seam where the glass meets the phones

This is actually one of the cubut phones features which used to be gt90 and gt99 cheap less 100 euro, it's the first phone to have the screen wrap around the edges without bezels. This is good because no dust particles would get stuck between the bezels and the screen. reason the cubot is because the screen bezels. any bigger than the lenovo or huawei phones dummy looks bigger than the lenovo + moto new moto x +1 ??

Battery life is while above average, it isn't mind-blowing. I can deal with above average though even that may improve as 4.2 android system sends updates in the future.

All phones should come with GPS standard and the cloud with services like Google drive so there's no need for syncing ports let liquid in to ruin phones. 

Stock Cubot phones all app doesn't have any composition grid options. It's one of the features I've always really enjoyed about Vignette and I'm glad Google incorporated it into the Google camera app. maybe nextbuying will add it in an update.

All access since launch and yes it gets a lot better at knowing music you'll like.. I also like how it recommends new albums from artists I listen too or have in my apps would be typing this out on it at the moment. The invite system, the past and delayed launch have put a damper on my feelings. I love the underdog story and would other to support them over the major players. We'll all see if they truly make changes to the market soon enough.

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