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Samsung is not going to work the explode brick not future

Samsung is not going to work the explode brick not future and nether the past! my list are Sony Z2, LG G2 and Nexus 5.  i think i'll just go for the zopo zp998 for and be done with it. I'm a patient man. Best to wait because the product flaws will eventually rise up.

For Verizon. this phone will be using GSM radios, not CDMA like Verizon uses.  Unless they announce the addition of CDMA radios in the phone, it won't be available to use on Verizon.

It's complicated. I turned in my Note 2 to TMobile. I have an AT&T Note 3 that I was using on Tmobile network. Some features on the phone was missing. My 4g LTE dropped down to edge alot. I assumed it was because Tmobile 4g LTE works on different bands than AT&T 4g LTE. Also I couldn't use mobile hot spots. So to make a long story short. I still have my AT&T Note 3.

the moment i'm seriously thinking to leave the Samsung galaxy product line for what has been promised as an awesomeness. about philosophy, not only about price. It's the promise to have a company developing things side by side with customers.


IPS vs AMOLED Mobile Phones

I thought the idea of ​​the contest was to see that you were able to do with a camera phone without changing the image. very disappointed to see how the judge did not follow the rules they dictated to resolve the competition , a kind of great reference to strong saw without knowing what , if anything has changed.

This is not indicated anywhere on the competition page . The idea of the contest was clearly a good photographer who show choice of camera in the OCT. I think I had a good chance of winning , but I did not. There was a good competition and the winners were all great shots . Buy this phone even though love my cubot x6 . Hope that really shake the market.


see how the cameras compare these two phones, but I think galaxy s5 is the best camera of any device , have this year, it has hybrid auto focus. I do not understand why Sony did this, but after all , I think they were the first with a hybrid digital SLR auto focus sensor


See what you were doing at the location of the phone's camera is a part of his statement. I am not qualified to determine whether any of these photos. returned to my Galaxy s3 although I like ska CUBOT phone more . Just love the feeling of premium naked S3 too compared to the plastic G.


Just in case you do not know .. this phone Google certified which means it is the same game store Google someone else ran on their Android phones .. so the content will not be a problem

Bracelet heart rate sensor actually use their practice then I would certainly not think it would be so .. then you can use the saved space in the real to be on something practical and used decice and again place to the storage , as would be the ROM image

Even if it is not the sensor with additional software and then there is the discharge of the extra battery and I would not be sure that no, not yet, but I would bet that the sensor of my group is better that they have used Galaxy s5 ... so all in all I would say it is not practical to have one.


Would give it to my son 12 years old a mobile phone

Would give it to my son 12 years old a mobile phone. You wouldn't believe which great pics he takes. Often with the phones let's call it interesting perspectives, a different area of gaming. I'm not a fan of Facebook so as long as they let the company run itself and is just there for the backing it will still be great.

Had a tempered glass screen protector on phone mine too until I dropped it on my keyboard and had a crack across the screen. doesn't finish till about March next year so I'm not planning anything, love my new phones and see no reason to change at the moment anyway, getting hard to find recent for this.

Quad core 1.5ghz, this a dual core 1.4ghz it has vastly better performance. In my opinion dual cores are vastly better than single cores, but quad cores are as good as duals. guess that's not really a fair comparison because of the zopo zp1000 computing system there is actually another 2 octa-core processors running along side the main dual core CPU it does use a quad core GPU.

Difference in architecture can be seen in nearly all of nvidia's ARM chips. They may be based on a cortex a7 or a9, but compared to other MTK 6589 and 6589t, they are usually slower. That in particular is not the fault of software optimizations. think the cubot one was touted as being quad core with that fancy companion core, as if more cores was supposed to mean faster. It should but it didn't. The new cubot mobile phone has the same number(or fewer, depending on how you look at it) of cores clocked only slightly higher yet it is much faster.

Must be pretty lucky because I take my phone everywhere. The device was a game changer for me sold my mobile phones, using an old flip phone. Call me nuts, but after you have a device that makes reading, watching movies, and provides ample screen size. I just couldn't go back to a small screen.