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Samsung is not going to work the explode brick not future

Samsung is not going to work the explode brick not future and nether the past! my list are Sony Z2, LG G2 and Nexus 5.  i think i'll just go for the zopo zp998 for and be done with it. I'm a patient man. Best to wait because the product flaws will eventually rise up.

For Verizon. this phone will be using GSM radios, not CDMA like Verizon uses.  Unless they announce the addition of CDMA radios in the phone, it won't be available to use on Verizon.

It's complicated. I turned in my Note 2 to TMobile. I have an AT&T Note 3 that I was using on Tmobile network. Some features on the phone was missing. My 4g LTE dropped down to edge alot. I assumed it was because Tmobile 4g LTE works on different bands than AT&T 4g LTE. Also I couldn't use mobile hot spots. So to make a long story short. I still have my AT&T Note 3.

the moment i'm seriously thinking to leave the Samsung galaxy product line for what has been promised as an awesomeness. about philosophy, not only about price. It's the promise to have a company developing things side by side with customers.

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