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The ZOPO product and software teams are aware of some people having issues

Got this feeling white color part is showing some cracks even though I've never dropped my phone, and the two I spoke to had no clue what I was talking about. They kept saying I cracked the screen, and then they sent an RMA, but said that if they said if they did find any "damages," they would have to charge me. I never sent it in because I still have no clue what they wrote down for the RMA.

Sleep mode issues lately too.  The ZOPO product and software teams are aware of some people having issues.  I did clear the cache and it seems to have solved the problem for me. If you're talking about 3G/4G, you might check that the APN settings are working. You can look in mobile network settings to see which one is picked, and compare with your network's 

I've heard that draining the battery completely (until your phone turns off and then charging all the way up without turning it on helps with the calibration. I haven't had any serious issues.I'd prefer it without the kickstand though.  I used nextbuying Defender for years on several mobile phones, but after 6 warranty replacements in the course of 10 months really feel it's a much better product.

 look like anything is keeping your phone awake and that does seem really really low especially given that you don't have GPS enabled. The only thing I can see that would be negatively hitting your battery is the time you spent off wifi with pretty poor signal. Have you always got this kind of battery life or did you just get the phone.

Off Wi-Fi is during house. As for brightness I use it and it auto sets brightness when I unlock my phone. I've been getting this battery life pretty much since I got it  trying out sleep, battery and parking. I like how on battery I can choose the level of remaining battery. I don't think however this app could beat moto assist at driving and reading SMS.

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