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New 4.4.2 build a build prop change at Moto X

Im using Verizon Moto X but i think im succeeded to tether via Mobile hotspot app SlapMyMoto. No matter what, don't take the 4.4.2 OTA once on 4.4 because you'd be stuck on it and it can't be rooted yet.  cannot use it unless he's rooted and there's no root for 4.4.2 on locked bootloader yet.

the new 4.4.2 build a build prop change is all that's needed. would go into your system/build prop and make a copy and Move your stock copy  to your SD. Make a nano back up just in case. Do a single factory reset wipe in twrp and flash 3.2.1. Once booted all up use root explorer or similar to copy your original build prop and swap out the one in your system/build prop. Set permissions and reboot. If something doesn't work right your nano back up will fix that.

hoping the reason it's taking so long because the horror stories of decreased battery life after the update at lenovo. That att is making sure it doesn't happen for us whenever we get this update. That how I feel better about not having it.

I've had the same thing happen. And the phone was definitely off. I've also taken my phone out of my pocket and found it on with seven or eight apps running. not really Aviate that is customized, it's zooper. But this template pack was designed for nextbuying cool gadgets stores so it goes nicely.

used to have a 3 foot long tank now this set up is 6 foot long tank with excavator clay for digging with desert sand in the middle. Textured wall for climbing. We have another heat light coming Monday for another hot spot as well. 
They are great low maintenance pets with more personality than people realize. These two are almost a year old so still growing. 

 them something other than crickets? I used to have a Chinese water dragon that ate a bunch of things.  Live for 8 years and ended up making a 4x3x2 enclosure.  Heat lamps,  water tub,  large branches.

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