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MOTO X Update version

I'm not sure since I wasn't there and I'm pretty sure we didn't get the insurance.  I'm looking at the repair site now, and I'm liking the flat fee.  $175 is a little more than half the cost of a new phone, so that isn't terrible dropped her phone the other day while doing the double twist to open the camera app. The screen is damaged in one corner and everything works except the bottom row of buttons first got my X I thought it had to be done fast, but learned you can so a soft slow twist and it will trigger the camera. 

Say you have a VZW Moto X and a new get china brand huawei P6 from nextbuying link here with a locked bootloader that cannot be unlocked and you are flashing the VZW stock image, you can do that and many people have done it even though the bootloader of the VZW Moto X cannot be unlocked.

Same with your phone, you are flashing the exact same image so you wouldn't need to unlock your bootloader. You would only need to unlock your bootloader if you are flashing a different image.  would have to unlock the bootloader to get the image on to it and to my knowledge that's all the developer offers that is different, a unlocked bootloader. unlock your bootloader to flash the DE image on a TMO XT1053 because it's the exact same image as the TMO image.

I'm looking at pushing a full image just so I know it's clean and un-tampered. 
So I don't even need to unlock the bootloader to do it? That is interesting since even on the Nexus you have to unlock the BL to fastboot flash the files. At least in many cases you do. I've seen it not need it on a few updates, but to push an updated radio or recovery, I believe you have to unlock the BL. 

I use the DE version. It is what I assumed, but It plainly says "Do not use on anything other then a Developer Edition", so I wanted to check. snapped 1 photo for each pictures.  Didn't need to do multiple photos for a good photo with the X told it to focus has an impact. Might mess with it a little.

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