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Power off the phone then hold

Power off the phone then hold / volume up / power and home buttons all at the same time when you see the Samsung boot logo let go of all buttons and this will take you to the reset menu use the volume key to go to reset and wipe then use the power button to select it when that's done do the same to wipe the cache it's easy if you get stuck just ask good luck. Again I am not anything away from the note 3 it is an amazing phone. I just can't justify spending 750 dollars on some thing that doesn't drastically improve what I currently have. I may be looking at a Sony or lg phone due to build quality.  Expect 64 bit processor. Since I buy off contract, this is a major investment, especially if I buy new you should find the auto backup in the settings menu of Google now a bit faster after a factory reset, but still not as fast as it was in 4.1.2. switch them all off is my recommendation. If you photograph something important send it manually to Dropbox. I normally use the app to check and uninstall or delete large files or apps that I no longer need.always bothered me so I usually enable rotation on demand to avoid it passing me off all the time. have tried about 5 methods with no luck. If you find one that works please let me know. Nothing to do with software just replace the micro usb cable of the charger but use the same charger that came with the china android smartphones brought a aftermarket dock USB cable and battery of nextbuying 8 pound us and es so I've got a spare battery and my original charges in about 3 hours its a duel charger as well hope this helps 55%of the time the phone was in use because the screen was on, which it was, but it wasn't showing in the bar graph as being awake. Screen on=awake?  T-Mobile 4.3 OTA stock, it is possible it is a Knox message, but you would think there would be some kind of reference when searching on google for this message, but so far I have found nothing delete it or change with adding (.bak) in the end of apk name. don't change anything of files with Knox tag. after that..reboot, and root your phone. then, don't open apps update your SU app via Google Playstore.


Galaxy Gear is much more suited for the note devices

Galaxy Gear is much more suited for the note devices then the Galaxy line, considering it's big size and portability issues for some this a stock battery and did you let your phone fully charge before discharging it?

Note 2 or Note 3 and china lenovo and huawei phone i have got a lenovo phones ( lenovo a850 ) from that if u do that won't be go back to 4.1.2 in case you wanted to because it locks your boot-loader, you will still be able to root but the warranty. 
expecting apps to upgrade and work in 4.3 automatically after doing this? Or are you backing up all your apps and then re-installing them? If you do the first method, there is no guarantee that all apps will work correctly, you might get a lot of errors.

 I think to do this it's too backup via titanium backup and create a file with all your APK files, then backup your current Rom, then install a clean install of a Rom, then install the Google app, then flash the created in titanium backup and then finally restore apps data from the backup of your old Rom, just the app data nothing else. I found this way to work fine for me.

Back to 4.1.2 in case you wanted to because it locks your boot-loader with knox, you will still be able to root but the warranty will be void and as far as i know there's no way to revert it.

They are the harder they fall just cracked her screen and she had a case that was minimally protecting it the hard part is over. Just install a custom ROM. They have more features, less pre-installed software, and are updated more often.just flash a stock rooted ROM and done. 

Get them to refund you or sort it if you can. And you don't know how if your new and not tech in android. But it's not hard. It's just the fact that you bought it in good faith ??  phone periodically lights up. It does it when I'm at work or wherever.

could be a issue too but we need more info to help you troubleshoot or we're just wasting our time...good luck to you! Hope you figure it out! after putting the 4.4 Nexus Apk on he device, it would do this.

have to back up all data, especially contacts, sms/mms, calendar, media and so on - all what is in phone memory. use Kies. If you are signed up into Google and/or Samsung account, all apps will come back automatically - something I do not really like. Contacts should be re-boot to, but that feature was never given to me, so if the manual backup of contacts, best to export them into SD card.


Samsung 4.3 update use more battery than the version

Might have used it all of the equivalent to the months I've owned this phone and I think I picked the GN2 up already hard reset my device twice and still have issues with the media server making a meal of my battery, haven't experienced any problems with this update runs smoothly battery life is good . 

Samsung 4.3 update use more battery than the version you had previous to it you should factory reset after upgrade. No issues with battery after the reset, If you open the battery list, are juice defender high up or fare down. 

It will improve the battery life as well not sure which navigation app your using, but it's possible it was deleted as part of your carriers update recommend navigation.
maps are offline maps download the maps over WiFi and there are no need of data connection after that app in Google play. 

 I have 6 books all worth 100MB and uploaded them from the phone and they're available offline so I can't see reason for the data speeds.. 

Check out the daily note on you tube lots of great tips note 2 inventory clearance in early September 2013 and a cases for note 2 in .the 4.3 update is taking it's sweet time. I'm from the Spain ,by the way..but i think in your's already ? T-Mobile has already released the 4.3 update. It's been available since Monday ?? 

Was trying to hold on to manufacturer only changes in my Galaxy note 2 the link, but if Samsung is dropping the ball might have to change my mind. Is there some site that compares what the ROM's bring and rates them.