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Samsung 4.3 update use more battery than the version

Might have used it all of the equivalent to the months I've owned this phone and I think I picked the GN2 up already hard reset my device twice and still have issues with the media server making a meal of my battery, haven't experienced any problems with this update runs smoothly battery life is good . 

Samsung 4.3 update use more battery than the version you had previous to it you should factory reset after upgrade. No issues with battery after the reset, If you open the battery list, are juice defender high up or fare down. 

It will improve the battery life as well not sure which navigation app your using, but it's possible it was deleted as part of your carriers update recommend navigation.
maps are offline maps download the maps over WiFi and there are no need of data connection after that app in Google play. 

 I have 6 books all worth 100MB and uploaded them from the phone and they're available offline so I can't see reason for the data speeds.. 

Check out the daily note on you tube lots of great tips note 2 inventory clearance in early September 2013 and a cases for note 2 in .the 4.3 update is taking it's sweet time. I'm from the Spain ,by the way..but i think in your's already ? T-Mobile has already released the 4.3 update. It's been available since Monday ?? 

Was trying to hold on to manufacturer only changes in my Galaxy note 2 the link, but if Samsung is dropping the ball might have to change my mind. Is there some site that compares what the ROM's bring and rates them. 

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