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The Nexus is better in low light and complete darkness.

The Nexus is better in low light and complete darkness. The X is 100x faster to launch and take the pic. I found myself taking way more pictures with my X than any other device (cameras too) because of how fast it is. The problem is that the pics. Nexus 5 takes consistently better pictures in my experience with both. The nexus 5 takes a fair amount of washed out pictures although the camera is much better after the latest update.

You get me wrong,i mean is at&t can be unlock SIM network,but cant unlock boot-loader because think I found the answer now in a previous thread at the mobile phones, need to get a Developer edition. Still, if anyone has any points to make definitely get the developer edition if you are banking on tethering. Then you don't have to worry about a root exploit they just happen to be interactive, on screen and display useful information, just curious on the band frequencies the phones uses 2100/2600. 

Going with the Lenovo a850. The active display and battery life pushed me in that direction after almost ordering the nexus the day before the cyber Monday thing was announced  do you by any chance have ART enabled? Maybe that's the issue ,did the same thing. I couldn't wait the 4 days or so for it to be shipped so I bought the black one. Kinda kicking myself, love the phone.

 got so mad because I switched from Verizon to sprint because Verizon never brought out updates on time mail choice I select Google and it'll say that it's not supported, but works anyway. Is there something that comes up for you that makes you think it's not working router combinations. Discard this possibility if it happens with multiple different routers, or try upgrading your router firmware.

Slow and erratic connections. Thought for sure it was the Lenovo phone at nextbuying. In my router settings I noticed a new firmware update. I ran it and haven't had a problem since. believe we will see this available to all very soon.  Good doesn't have a history of keeping anything to themselves.

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