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Note 2 is excellent

Note 2 is excellent I bought mine used, a year old, for $320 at . I am skipping Note 3 although it is great. I must buy off-contract to keep my Verizon unlimited data plan. Note 4 may be worth an upgrade next year. think at the end of the day it's what you prefer. When it comes down to it you'll be the one using the phone so it really is about what you're comfortable with.

Just one more thing to mention. We will get in a week or two all Galaxy S4 features in 4.3 just still unsure for note 3 features but even without the note 3 features it is still way better then using the S4 for a few months. switched back to GN2 because when I want to carry a smaller phone. should have mentioned a 9300 MAh battery.

Loaded a 4.4 cm ROM just now for my N7105 and it was ridiculously stripped down even for an unreleased version. the meantime I feel like flashing something new tonight. wish me luck after flashing 4.4 and restoring back to me.

Had to use it with widget locker. only thing is it doesn't let u delete any messages unless u have 4.2 or higher i think. but other than that been using it for a few weeks and its been great, only caveat is that it does not fit in my new stands on my new cheap china android phones.

 was very disappointed when Google stopped supporting moving apps to the SD card. Go into Settings - Storage - Format SD Card. See how that works out. It will erase everything on that card, but it sounds as if you don't have anything to lose on it.

I did not put back into laptop, I put it in phone. I could not even boot device. I put 32GB card back into Note II,program shows that the card is in fact FAT32  i got this on my old galaxy tab 2 7.0 inch , but after the new update came, u can update without problem, will be changed to normal by itself. 
Don't restart your device because it won't be changed..always crash when I set the phone volume. have installed. I'm waiting for the official firmware 4.3, then we will have stable ROM with all Note 3 feature and stable as rock and battery life is also very good. and a good thing is it's android 4.3

Good luck with that after a few 7100 and 7105 are exactly the same in dimensions.

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