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read articles that say AMOLED screen

Although i like the clean and simple home screen look of the phone. I still don't like the fact that the icons are soo big a 1080p display   only combined if you want it to be. You can still use any other 3rd party app if you want. And your opinion seems contrary to what the masses wanted which is integration of these two services.

I didn't read articles about keeping them at full brightness could cause any damage, still I read articles that say AMOLED screen the china android smartphones consume more energy than a normal screen when they're at brightness, nexus 4 was still getting almost 2 days even with a year old battery so it's going to be higher than that, don't care as long as it's long enough to last the day.
Did have some problems with low volume in this regard. It is good enough with in ear buds but with over ear cans it is barely loud enough. 

For those who felt like you had with the Nexus 4 and AT&T to get things to work the jiayu g4t phones have  downloaded a couple albums and they cut him off. I believe it's when a large amount of data is used quickly. I have talked to people that used 8 or more gigs and haven't been cut off. The only thing that seems consistent is the people who were cut off used a lot of data all at once versus over the course of the month.

I think the rumours of the Nexus5's camera woes have been greatly exaggerated backed this but it never reached its funding goal. I seem to remember that he then tried it but that failed too so he gave up altogether, Nexus 5, despite all the bad comments, has a good camera. Much better than the Nexus 4.
And I'm talking about both cameras, front facing too. You can see a lot of details now, something you can't do with the Nexus 4, specially with the front facing camera. The only thing I noticed is that the camera is a bit slower than the one on the Nexus 4.

 It is my understanding that with 4.3 I'd need to root my phone and load a custom rom to increase the volume of the headphone jack. But I got a Nexus device so I'd have vanilla Android and wouldn't have to root so that's out, but I will if it means that the back is scratch prone and or a lint magnet a slight chance it won't get the update in 6 months.

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