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Samsung Note 8 or Note 2

Well when the 2014 version comes out, I'll sell my WiFi and get the LTE model. My contract ends in March. Why would anyone get the mega phone then If the Note 8 3G, is able to makes calls, I don't see any reasonable motive why the LTE version should't I'm using my note for making phone calls as well. Don't consider 3G version, maybe this version is affordable, with 2GB and quad core processor this device is pretty fast although we don't use LTE, I'm using 3G version myself. would go with LTE. However, unless I'm mistaken I don't believe that you can make calls on it. You can send text and get internet anywhere though, unlocked and LTE for sure , but of course that depends on what suits your need the most. If you make Note 8 for yr phone I think LTE is the best. I think glitches are rather expected with upgrades. Someone even mentioned doing a factory reset after every update if Samsnug are thinking like that then my next device would be a nexus cause Samsung are not respecting us, but they do respect cash note 8 has that function already. Around 2 weeks ago I downloaded 64MB of an update file from Samsung server. Could be that is one of the update that Samsung offer. Always loved your insightful and detailed videos. Keep them coming between this one and the Sony Xperia Z 1 but for me to get the Sony I would have to buy unlocked phone or a china android smartphones so that would be $750 out right at nextbuying . but given many reviews I believe the Galaxy Note 3 will have everything I need. Should be here between the 2th and the note 8 I went from the S4 to the Note 3 and couldn't wait because I felt the S4 was too small. I love the screen size of the Note 3. It's literally the best screen on the planet (awesome resolution, bright colors) earth right now. And the battery is amazing, S4 is perfect for one hand. The LG G2 is a decent phone. It feels nice but not as nice as the S4. LG is def making leaps and bounds. The Nexus 5 phone is a going to be awesome. Def my pick for the year for an affordable device that holds it own. 

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