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Samsung Device ( Tab & Phones )

I can't wait that day. I'm pretty sure someone will find out. I'm from Canada Bell. note 8. I've been able to switch memory card for having more space with 64Gb make phone calls would be so awesome, maybe you can assist..I have galaxy note at&t 8.0. i can't move apps to my SD card. 

No voice calls in the US on AT&T at the moment for the Note 8, was doing a web search and on that web page I found the at&t Samsung note 8 that they were promoting can make voice calls and send MMS no more draining on my battery than a typical launcher. I'm also running a custom ROM so I wouldn't go off of just me.

I've just seen the note 10.1 2014 and it's like a big note 3...I'm thinking I may dump the 8 for the 10 with its full HD on and because it has the same software as the note 3 it will be fine. Syncing the reader hub for me but also getting the action memo software like the 3 selling the Note 8 improve the position your'e at now? What pen enabled tablet are you going to replace it with that is compatible with the Note 3? 

I wasn't aware of S Note compatibility between those devices. I just really like the 8" form factor of the Note 8.0, my Note 3 S-note app, the Note 10.1 2014 Edition.

I haven't a clue, but you might want to monitor overall data usage. If it's eating up data like that on WiFi, it probably will do that on LTE too. that'll get expensive quickly, if you're not on an unlimited data plan. not to mention throttling down the road  used for about a year now, didn't have this issue until 22. need to hook up a packet sniffer at home to see what all the traffic is.

I have and I'm still having the issue. I'm not trying to criticize those who develop these RAM, but I've just had one issue after another using it, least one other person is experiencing the same thing and I'm not imagining it.

That might you can call them and they quote you over the phone. I sent mines back for LCD and charger port repair & it ended up costing me 100$ plus 2 weeks using a backup phone or buy cheap accessories of Samsung. I wasn't able to insure my device, sure the creators of this, would be disappointed to hear that you think they are too stupid to have thought this through and the publicity was just an accident.

Think it might better be said as the flexibility is under the hood, rather than in eye candy, because you think it's publicity when it's not.  The alpha was a closed test, by invitation.  The invitations were handled manually by the Dev team.  The requests were in large enough volume that the devs could handle that or the coding.

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