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Nexus 7 comparison

 Nexus 7 comparison (above) seems very biased in favor of the Kindle (the photo taken with the Nexus was obviously handheld, and not steady).  There is no mention of the 'standalone' GPS that the Nexus has.  This was a huge selling point in favor of the Nexus 7 for me. Also, I use NFC a lot, which the Kindle does not have.

Kindle Fire HDX  and the pipo m6 going to be running some butchered fork of the Android operating system but it doesn't pass the SlimPort signal for some reason. Next things to try would be a new kernel, another Slimport adapter, undervolting clocking the processor, or a wireless charger. Getting pretty sick of it if I'm honest. Is there some obvious setting I'm missing, do I need to handicap the device just to get decent battery

 find the xda edition for free) and wakelock detector to find out what is eating your battery, most likely a bugged app which prevents your tablet from sleeping in a weak wi-fi area or as armand says its an app. Mine will last 3 days on standby and have even found it with some life in it after longer than that even.

 thing is that android does lots of things (if so configured) when it is in stand by. IOS doesn't SlimPort + OG charger = USB charging the gadgets at nextbuying sites buying ??

If you configure android system and is apps to do nothing then you'll have the same standby time as ios. there's no real multitasking on ios, it's simulated only. In android all system and apps do work in real multitasking. draining your battery you have to do the investigating to see what is grabbing your power

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