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My N7 2013

I have already mentioned that it always occurs on the top left part of the screen, whether tablet is horizontal or vertical didn't happen before the 4.3 update, so I guess that it is a software problem

I tried rebooting, and YouTube was just an example 1st gen Nexus 7 the gadgets get at nextbuying and it is having a problem that sometimes it keeps pressing somewhere on the screen. For example, While using YouTube, it sometimes keeps clicking on the related videos when tablet is kept horizontal or on the video if vertical 

it goes crazy even without being inside YouTube. But i found it only when its inside its cover a magnetic cover bought it from amazon. Yes, a reboot or even just pressing the sleep/lock button can solve it quickly. I think it's a deep software bug. I'm using a custom rom and I still get it

actually experiencing the same thing I think it's a hardware thing it might be a little slower it is not inconveniently so. Typically if I toss it on there in the morning it is done by lunchtime. a few time. Looking up music/apps. I got to where I wanted to go, eventually.

multiple users globally are reporting issues updating and downloading apps impacting multiple devices. people north and south América having isues with the Google play alright phones working too. looks like you just need to relax for a little bit and wait

Had to hit refresh a few times, a few time. Looking up music/apps. I got to where I wanted to go, eventually.

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